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500 E-RYT, founder of Sacred Yoga + Healing Arts

My true spiritual journey began in June of 2012, the summer I began my path to recovery. After years of alcohol abuse, disordered eating, personal traumas, and dead-end relationships, my body, mind, and spirit were riddled with insecurity and discomfort. I painfully lacked a sense of self, and even more so, a sense of God and my place in this world. But soon into my sobriety I was invited to a yoga class and I accepted the invitation excitedly. I had been to a few hot yoga classes before with my dad, and with a life-long love for dance and movement, I welcomed a new form of fitness. Little did I know that yoga would completely transform my life. 


I fell in love with yoga practice right away. Years of experience in competitive dance had trained my body to listen to instruction and guide it as I was told. I was a committed student, practicing daily, even multiple times a day. After years of living with no direction, I needed all the discipline I could get. I began cleaning the floors at a local yoga studio so I could practice as much as I wanted in exchange. This studio became my safe-haven. My warm bubble of healing and personal discovery. I am forever in gratitude to the amazing teachers who seasoned me through those years. Two years into my practice I became a yoga teacher myself, and the rest was history. Yoga had all of my attention, and I was listening intently. 


From 2012-2016 I was completely submerged in a world of healing; body, mind and spirit. Between regular yoga classes, 12 step meetings, spiritual mentors, and a circle of friends who loved and supported me, I was able to face my pain, walk through the healing, and emerge a butterfly. In my recovery I learned many valuable lessons, the main one being that each of us embody a valuable and teachable life perspective. And it is from our personal experiences, that we can offer healing and support to other people. Since then it has been my personal dharma to share the “tools” that I have gathered and carry with me each day.


For me, yoga has been much more than just a physical practice. It is a life practice. One that we embody and take with us into every part of our life. From when we wake up in the morning to when we brush our teeth at night. Our yoga practice helps us to stay present in the moment and to appreciate all of life. I offer more than just postures in my yoga teaching. I also incorporate philosophy, organic movement, expressive art, community sharing, and journal tools to help us reflect and learn from the life lessons that God has given us. 


It is my vision to continue to build a healing community, online and across the world. To share the practice of yoga and my personal experience, and to facilitate healing and support wherever Spirit guides me. I believe in the power of collective healing. That when we practice yoga, whether alone or together, we are sharing that healing and progress with all of the world. We are all here together on this beautiful planet, and it is up to us to create an even more beautiful world together. I believe that most of us are feeling called right now, to heal our pain and dis-ease, to release our burdens, and transform into the best version of ourselves that is possible. 


Through the support of this Sacred community, and the guidance I offer in my classes, my hope is that you will feel inspired to keep going. To keep asking the good questions, to keep growing inside and out, and to keep showing up on your yoga mat, no matter how challenging life gets. Our ability to heal lies only within our own efforts. It is entirely up to us, and the support of our loving Creator, to walk in our purpose and live our potential. Anyone with a desire to heal will experience the benefits of yoga and spiritual strength. We are powerful beings, we are spiritual beings, and we heal together. Namaste.




In 2014, I completed my 200 hour power vinyasa yoga teacher training at The River Yoga Studio in Denver, Colorado with my first teachers, Katy Rowe and Christen Bakken. I completed my 300 hour training in 2018 with yoga therapist Cortni Saunders of Mindful Motion Yoga Center in Nashville, Tennessee. This training involved the study of advanced topics including anatomy, traumed informed, ayuveda, the subtle body, and therapeutic yoga as a private practice. I have also studied many hours of pre/post natal yoga, adaptive yoga, herbal healing, 12 step recovery, and energy medicine for a more holistic healing perspective. I apply all of these healing modalities in my work.

My teaching style is an alignment based and breath focused vinyasa flow. My classes promote mobility of the body while also inspiring your spirit to reflect on and facilitate inner healing. Classes are open to all levels of experience and all body types. I offer a therapeutic style of yoga that caters to the needs of each individual and I meet privately if requested. As a 500 E-RYT my workshops and teacher trainings are registered through Yoga Alliance and are worth Continued Education hours for registered yoga teachers.

I am currently settled in the hills of Tennessee with my husband Chad, who is also a yoga teacher, and our cat Venus, where we can be close to our family and friends during this unpredictable season of life. My husband and I practice yoga together daily and offer couples yoga classes in the Nashville area. I currently am currently offering private lessons and life coaching sessions online and in-person and my next teacher training begins this summer.  I hope to continue to offer classes and teacher trainings in Tennessee, and in the future, destination yoga retreats. 

It is my honor to share this sacred space with you.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

"I have been following Katherine's yoga practice for many years now. I continuously chose Katherine for my yoga practice because she teaches me yoga as a lifestyle practice not just something we do on a mat. During our private lessons she is able to target just what my mind, body, and spirit needs whether it be during my pregnancy or when I just need some relief and relaxation. Her teachings have carried me through life.


- Noelle

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