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Life Coach Sessions


ARE YOU A conscious CREATOR?

with your words?

with your thoughts?

with your actions?

You may not be aware of it but with every thought, word, and action you are creating the story of your life. We are powerful creators, that's how God designed us to be. Our future is determined by the choices we make in the present, consciously or unconsciously. 

Take a moment to reflect.


What are you creating in your life right now?

Are you living your most ideal life?

Are you expressing yourself authentically?

Do you feel held back?

Do you feel like your life is lacking joy, spontaneity, and passion?

Have you discovered your bliss?


My sacred journey life coaching sessions will address questions just like this. Together we will release what no longer serves you so that you can create the life you were destined to live. Through establishing new ways of being, you will embody your most authentic and radiant self expression. I believe that our "outer" world is a reflection of our "inner" world, so your journey begins by going within and getting clear about what may be holding you back from your bliss.
Through personalized journaling and meditation practices you will strengthen your inner guidance system for clarity of how to heal, move forward with freedom, and consciously create. Together we will address the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that keep you from creating your best life. You will be given tools, exercises, and daily practices to break free of negative patterns and instead live in authentic self expression.

ON YOUR Sacred Journey YOU WILL...


What no longer serves you

Addiction / Alcoholism

Disordered Eating

Shame of self / body

Personal traumas

Negative / unconscious thought patterns

Habitual behaviors

Anxiety and depression

Fears, grief, anger

Regret or guilt over the past

Toxic relationships


Supportive habits & thought patterns

A strong spiritual connection

Daily tools & routines

Mindful eating & nourishment

Body love and care

Self esteem

Self acceptance

Self love

Healing of relationships, old wounds, and traumas

Forgiveness of self and others

And create a personal vision for your life


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Sessions are typically 75 minutes and held virtually through Zoom.

Each session includes:

Check In & Discussion

Journaling Prompts

Yoga & Meditation

Exercise or Assignment to take with you


I offer a "pay as you go" plan with a sliding scale of $22-55 per session, you decide what is best for you. We can meet weekly, monthly, or at your own pace depending on your personal budget.

"I have been following Katherine's yoga practice for many years now. I continuously chose Katherine for my yoga practice because she teaches me yoga as a lifestyle practice not just something we do on a mat. During our private lessons she is able to target just what my mind, body, and spirit needs whether it be during my pregnancy or when I just need some relief and relaxation. Her teachings have carried me through life.


- Noelle

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