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Nourish the God in You

💗 Healthy Self / Heal Thyself 💗

I haven’t been sick in over five years. I don’t take any pharmaceuticals or over the counter drugs. I don’t have a “doctor”. I perceive my health in a spiritual context. I am resilient. I am healthy. I am of God. I am sovereign and free. 🌿✨🌀

I’ve been meditating on ways to share my health journey and inspire others to reclaim our life and our bodies. We do not have to rely on institutionalized “health care” systems (and big pharma) for vibrant health. We are sovereign and spiritual beings capable of living free and abundantly healthy lives. Our natural state is health and vitality. Our bodies and spirit WANT to be healthy. We just have to reduce interference and nourish with nutrients, a positive mind, and a supportive lifestyle.

I am putting together a series to share my personal philosophy of natural health and how to “not get sick”. These next few emails will contain my methods for health and healing and serve as a reflection of the lifestyle my household maintains to stay healthy, happy, resilient, and balanced ~ body / mind / and spirit.

I experience the world as entirely spiritual, including our bodies. We are multidimensional beings and our health relies on more than just medicine and what we eat. We must be emotionally intelligent, living free of fear, and in constant communication with our inner God Source, our highest self. In yoga this is called the Atman.

We are living in a time of spiritual awakening and ascension. Our world is transitioning into a higher timeline. One of true peace, sovereignty, and unity consciousness. Two paths are emerging. We already know where one leads, we’ve been on it most of our lives. The other option is opening up to us now. It is a personal and individual choice to live in the light of God, health, and happiness. In order to co-create and exist in the New Earth, we have to prepare our minds, spirits, and bodies because WE are our vehicle to transport us into this new and higher timeline.

Our health is our true wealth. Health of body, mind, and Spirit. I am here as support through this transition and epic journey. Let’s begin our journey of learning about real health and how to not get “sick”.

Nourish the God in you

The God source in you wants to be healthy and wants to be in homeostasis. Your natural state is abundant health and vitality. By nourishing the God in you, you will be able to achieve optimal health and happiness. It is your responsibility to protect and nourish your Atman for vitality and longevity. Our God particle is a precious gem and must be consistently cared for through out our human experience.

We are alive during a time of spiritual warfare. Your Spirit is under attack and you must take action to restore your body, mind, and spirit. We are being poisoned through our water, food, air, corporate systems, media, pharma, technology… the list goes on. But we do not have to consent to these attacks, we are sovereign and free!

The good news is that YOU are powerful, and you can disengage and detox the toxins and poisons that dim your inner God Source. The first step to vibrant health is reducing interference and allowing your inner God to heal.Toxins and poisons are a direct attack on your Spiritual body and deteriorate your humanness, made in the image of God. By living a natural / toxin free lifestyle, our inner God source can breathe again and find its natural balance.

Eliminate toxins & poisons that dim your Inner Light:

These include heavy metals, pesticides, unfiltered water, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, toxic behaviors, addictions, drugs and alcohol, relationships, fear based thinking, media & propaganda, detergents, toxic cleaning and beauty products.

Some natural ways to eliminate toxins & poisons:

Prayer ~ ask your Higher Power for support

Meditation and breath work

Visualization ~ visualize the toxins leaving your body

Spend time in nature, go where there is not WiFi / phone signal

Drink lots of clean, filtered water

Swim in fresh, natural water ~ lake, creek, ocean

Detox heavy metals with juice, herbs, and clays/charcoal powder

Eat fresh and organic food, raw when possible

Read ingredients labels on EVERYTHING

Make your own cleaning products, shampoo, and beauty products

Or purchase natural and chemical free household products

Release what no longer serves you ~ relationships, habits, thoughts

Be mindful of what you watch, read, and listen to (what is the message?)

Limit time on social media and listening to “the news” (maya / fake reality)

Remember that you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

These are just some of the ways to eliminate toxins. You can really get creative here and do your own research to find what works for you! Please feel free to share any tips you have, I love learning new ways to boost health and wellness.

Healing and remaining healthy is a journey, one that we do not have to make alone. I offer “life coaching” sessions where we can address specific issues and create practical ways to boost your health and vitality. Book your session and learn more by clicking here >>> 🌀🦋🤲✨

Peace and love and many, many heart blissings to you.

Namaste ~ Katherine


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