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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

We heal together.

During the winter solstice we passed into an entirely new age for humanity, it’s called the Age of Aquarius. According to astrology, our planet passes into a new era every few thousand years. How exciting it is to be alive during this massive shift and transformation! The energy of this new era is one of spiritual awakening and it’s an opportunity for humanity to work together to create a beautiful new Earth. We have the energy of Aquarius with us now, which is full of humanitarianism and creativity. Are you ready to create a world that truly serves the greatest good for all people? For all life on our planet? I am!

Our power to manifest is especially potent with the Aquarian Age. Get creative and visualize this new era on Earth. Draw, write, or paint your vision for humanity. How can we create harmony and peace for all of life? Even the animals and plants!

Nature reminds us that with each cycle of birth there is also death. Here in the winter season, we must allow the “old world” to fall away so that we can create space for a beautiful new beginning. Like I always say in yoga, “release what no longer serves us.” In this New Era, we have the ability and the space to create whatever we want. Especially if we work together. And this is really exciting.

So breathe. Visualize. Go within. And let’s co-create a beautiful New Earth together. A world that inspires us. One full of support and care for all. We heal together.

with gratitude and kindness,

Katherine Anthony

500 E-RYT, Sacred Yoga + Healing Arts

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