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The power of samskara: What are you creating?

We may not be aware of it, but we are constantly creating our life with every thought, word, and action. This is the power that God instilled in us, to create. Whether we are consciously creating the life of our dreams, or unconsciously creating unpleasant drama, our power to manifest is potent. Take a moment to reflect. What are you creating in your life right now? Do you feel like your living "in the flow of life?" Are you met with synchronicity and pleasant exchanges daily? Or are you met with resistance and drama? Without judgement, take a moment to reflect on your current circumstances and ask, could I be creating this myself?

Almost every manifestation in our life and in our body, is determined by our beliefs. Beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the way the world works. Do you believe the world is a safe and supportive place? Do you believe that people are loving and can be trusted?

Most of our beliefs begin by experiences we have very early in life, even as early as our mother's womb. How we interpret these experiences has the power to shape our psychology and eventually the circumstances of our life. This can be in our favor, or it can cause us lots of pain. Let's take a look at how our experiences determine our creations.

As we know in the law of physics, every action causes a reaction. When we have an experience, our body, mind, and spirit react automatically. First, we feel the experience in our body. For example, if we feel afraid, we tense up or shut down. If we feel loved, we relax and open up. From here, the mind and body create a connection. The reaction in our body sends a message to our brain, where we then create a thought about the experience. Repetition, of the experience and/or thought strengthens this connection and eventually becomes a belief ingrained in our personal psyche. In yogic philosophy, this is called samskara.

The cycle of samskara:

Experience > Reaction > Feeling > Thought > Belief > Manifestation

This process is powerful and potent. Our beliefs shape our decisions, our relationships, and the choices we make in life. This can be a really positive thing if we are consciously creating from a space of love. But it can also have detrimental effects on our life if we are unconsciously creating from a space of fear.

Let's say that I experience a relationship where my trust is betrayed. This experience leaves me feeling heartbroken and vulnerable. From this experience I determined that people will betray me and therefore cannot be trusted. If I continue to think this way, then it will manifest as a belief, and I will continue to create and build relationships from a space of fear. I will most likely push people way or end up in relationships where trust is betrayed over and over. I am unconsciously attracting this energy into my life because of my belief.

The good news is, the mind is very flexible and we have the power to create new beliefs; new samskaras. If I practice and build trust in my life, I will begin to believe that people are good and can be trusted. Then I am more likely to have pleasant experiences with others and attract loving, trusting relationships into my life.

Now we understand that our beliefs begin with our reaction to life experiences. And though our experiences may be out of our control, the way we respond to them is not. This is how we break the cycle of unconscious creation, through transforming reaction into response. Though an experience can cause us to initially feel fear in the body, we can respond to this fear by meeting it with love. This is where the power of yoga and healing come into play.

Through empowering ourselves with tools like healing breath, body awareness, and positive affirmations, we can transform the way we respond to the circumstances of our life. No matter how stressful. In my experience, yoga has been an excellent tool for "reprogramming" my psychology and developing much healthier beliefs. I have healed relationships, including my relationship with God, and strengthened my inner guidance system. Through this work I am now a conscious creator of m life. I feel empowered and well-equipped to face life straight on, no matter what it brings, from a space of love and trust. I have courage and confidence through embodying the belief that God is always taking care of me. I know that I can turn my life around, or transform my circumstances, or at least the way I feel about them, no matter how much pain I may feel.

I understand that each of us are unique in our life experiences. And I want to also explain that unexpected traumatic events cannot just casually be met with love. These special circumstances must be met with a much more careful approach and may take more time to heal, but we have the power to heal all of our wounds, no matter how severe the trauma may be. It is my personal testimony and I have witnessed countless others overcome monumental heartbreak. I believe that within each of us lay the power and potential to transform our lives into one of love, trust, and conscious awareness. We do this through connecting with God, our innermost selves, and developing meaningful connections with others.

If you are interested in learning more about this work, or re-writing your samskaras, contact me for a life coaching session. This is the exact kind of work we will be moving through. You will learn how to become the conscious creator of you life.

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