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2021 ~ You are a Powerful Co-creator

Here we are in a new calendar year, and also the dawn of a new age ~ the Age of Aquarius. The most important thing for us to keep in mind this year is that we are powerful co-creators. Especially in this new age of Aquarius, we have potent magic available to us. And it’s up to us as to what we will do with it.

So in 2021, what are you creating? Every thought, every action is a contribution to your future. Even more, the future of everyone.

The two highest natural laws of God, the Universe, and all of creation are:

1. Free will. The power to choose and create whatever we want in our most authentic expression. Freedom is our birthright and we have the freedom to think, act, and feel freely. This is called spiritual sovereignty.

2. Responsibility for our creations and choices. This is also called karma.

In 2021 we have the power of choice and free will. Living in fear is a choice. Yoga asks us to choose love instead. To remember our inherent power; the power to create and manifest whatever we want.

So in 2021, will we take our health, our lives, and our freedoms into our own hands? Or will we continue to allow others to choose for us? Will we sit back, do nothing, and watch the world burn? Or will we rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix, and create a better, more beautiful world together?

It is as simple as sitting in meditation and visualizing the world that we want to live in. We can manifest with journaling, reflecting, and making choices that empower our body, mind, and spirit. Our “inner” creates our “outer”. As we put work into creating the best version of ourselves, we also commit to creating the best version of humanity. We can outweigh any negative force with positive thinking and action. How beautiful is that?

In 2021, I pray that each of us remember our power and our birthright. We are creators, and we are sovereign and free! Together we are an unstoppable force and we will heal our world together, as we heal together.

with gratitude and kindness,

Katherine Anthony

500 E-RYT, Sacred Yoga + Healing Arts

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