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Pre / Post Natal Yoga & Support


"Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have."
- Robin Lim 

MY sacred birth PHILOSOPHY

Birth is a sacred and natural part of our life process. As women, we have been given a very special gift from God, to create and nurture new life. Pregnancy is a sacred time for rest, preparation, and to embody self care practices that nourish our mind, body, and spirit. My services will support you along your path of motherhood so that you feel at peace, at ease, and ready to embark on your sacred birth journey.

Birth is a natural and sacred experience. Not one to be feared. With the proper tools and support mothers have the ability to birth free of fear, anxiety, and unnecessary pain. Through your sacred birth journey, you will envision your ideal birth and then bring this vision into manifestation through yogic practice, lifestyle medicine, and spiritual tools.

Postpartum is a special time to rest, recover, and bond with the sweet new life you've birthed into this world. As a woman, you are also experiencing a massive energetic shift from maiden to mother. As you transform into a new and deeper stage of life, a yogic practice will help to keep you centered in love, peace and trust. When your body feels ready, we begin meeting again with gentle breath, movement, and bonding exercises with baby.

 You are worthy and capable of a calm and healing pregnancy experience. Through movement medicine, healing breath, and a gentle awareness of God, we will work together to create a special and sacred birth journey. 


"Yoga has been an essential part of my pregnancy journey. With the support of a daily yoga practice, nourishing herbal remedies, and a spiritually centered lifestyle, my pregnancy has been a sacred journey of bliss, self love, and an intimate connection with my higher self. I feel powerful, radiant, and free. My intention is to offer mothers the sacred medicine that I have embodied through this journey, and support you in any way I can."

HOW yoga supports PREGNANCY & BIRTH


  • Strengthens shoulders, core, and pelvic floor

  • Promotes flexibility & mobility for easier birth

  • Breath flushes toxins from body 

  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces pain, discomfort, and pregnancy symptoms

  • Increased energy and motivation


  • Promotes inner peace and calmness

  • Builds strength and resilience

  • Empowerment and belief that we are capable

  • Gratitude and contentment promotes self acceptance and self love

  • Establish positive birth affirmations for support


  • Strengthens inner spirit and connection to Divine Source 

  • Acknowledges inherent power to create and bring life

  • Feeling supported and guided by God through this life giving process

  • Feeling connected to the Spirit of all birthing women, before and after us, we are all one.

YOUR Sacred Birth AWAITS YOU... you choose the path


Every mother's pregnancy journey is different. My guided sessions offer a personalized experience so you can get exactly what you need from your yoga practice.

Each session includes:

Check In ~ Body, Mind, Spirit
Yoga Practice

Discussion & Questions


Want to practice on your own? 

My pre-recorded classes are 
available for your convenience. By becoming a "Sacred Member" you will have unlimited access to my entire video library including prenatal specific yoga classes, guided meditations, and breath work.

CREATE a plan that works FOR YOU


I recommend integrating guided sessions with a regular yoga practice supported by my pre-recorded classes.

Become a "Sacred Member" for unlimited access to my recorded videos, plus schedule a guided session on a monthly or weekly basis.

This combination ensures that you are receiving personalized guidance for your unique pregnancy experience, plus maintaining a regular yoga practice for optimum comfort and nourishment of body, mind, and spirit along your Sacred Birth journey.

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